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Pasadena Civil Litigation Attorneys

Representing Clients in Civil Litigation Matters throughout Southern California

Civil litigation refers to claims and lawsuits which are brought before the courts concerning any subject matter where someone has been accused of committing a wrongful act against another. These cases do not involve criminal charges or punishments. Generally, these are legal disputes wherein one party seeks money damages for the perceived wrong or seeks some type of legal remedy from the court. Cases involving civil litigation can result in trials, hearings, mediations, or arbitrations to resolve the dispute between the opposing parties.

Civil litigation can occur over a broad range of disputes, from business disputes arising from breaches of Government contracts or tortious acts of Government employees to those involved with real estate transactions, personal injury cases, medical malpractice, and more. If you are involved in a dispute as an individual or a business owner with another party anywhere in Pasadena or the surrounding southern California areas and need to seek a resolution through the courts, we recommend that you contact a Pasadena civil litigation lawyer at Komanapalli Massey LLP. We can review and evaluate your case to give you the legal advice you need, prepare your case for trial, and represent you in any court proceeding. We have extensive experience in preparing and trying cases at both the state and federal level in matters such as contract disputes, business transactions, and more.

Civil Litigation Cases in Southern California

As your Pasadena civil litigation attorney, we offer comprehensive legal knowledge, courtroom skills, knowledge of procedural law, negotiation skills, strong analytical abilities, oral advocacy abilities, and a strong work ethic. Many civil litigation cases are settled prior to a trial through intensive negotiation between the opposing parties and their legal representatives. We will work to achieve the case results you seek, whether through negotiation or through the courts.

Contact a Pasadena civil litigation attorney at the firm for competent legal representation in any civil dispute anywhere in southern California.

Civil Litigation