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Personal and Business Contracts Attorneys

Helping Clients with all manner of Contract Law Matters and Litigation throughout Southern California

At Komanapalli Massey LLP, we are skilled practitioners in all manner of contractual matters, including drafting or reviewing contracts, enforcing exisiting personal or business contracts - whether by informal or formal means via litigation (including tortious bad faith or business torts litigation).

We will ensure that you understand every aspect of contracts that we draft for you and tailor them to suit your needs. We will advise you of pertinent laws and legal processes which might affect your contractual issues, and when litigation is required, our attorneys will advise you in plain language about our strategies for winning your case.

Most importantly, we listen to what you have to say about your case and about what is important to you. We promise to remember at all times that it is your case, not ours, and to do our utmost to achieve the results you want and expect. If we cannot achieve the results you desire, we will tell you in plain language the reasons why; we do not mislead our clients or accept their cases if we are barred by law or the facts from meeting their goals.

When you work with an attorney at our firm, we will never lead you down a rosy path of imminent failure just to make sure that you keep paying us to represent you. We would much rather lose a client honestly than keep one by lying to him or her. Happy clients make for more clients, so you can expect us to do our best to keep you happy so that you might happily refer friends, family or acquaintances to us so that they too can benefit from reciept of our excellent legal services. We serve clients in all contiguous counties throughout Southern California.

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