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Komanapalli Massey

A Professional Corporation


I have been extremely grateful to have two credentialed and concerned attorneys who emotionally and professionally supported me through a messy divorce. Both Mark and Joyce battled the opposition in court with spirit and expertise. They excelled when it came to advocating for my rights, which ultimately kept my family together. They successfully championed for what I was financially entitled to and provided me with the means for a new beginning. - Beth S.

Joyce, I want to thank you for all your help and support through my legal fiasco. Your guidance, kindness and time made me feel very comfortable when I was unsure of what would be coming my way next. You took the time to talk to me and make me feel important and that is something that I really appreciated. Without you I am not sure if my case would've turned out to be something bearable. I know that any client who works with you will have the same positive experience that I did. Thank you again Joyce, I really truly appreciate you and everything that you did for me at a very rough point in my life. - Jennifer C.

Mark, I want to thank you for your assistance and legal prowess in regard to the absolutely false allegations levied against my wife and myself [by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services]. . . . Thank you sir, again. Respectfully, Robert S.

Mark, WOW, we are very grateful that this criminal matter has been concluded and dismissed. We are thankful for your efforts on our behalf, and we appreciate greatly the time and effort you put into this case. As distressed as we have been, time and again, during this matter, we have always been more than pleased with your representation. You have been diligent, forthcoming, thorough...all those wonderful things! We have always believed we were in good hands with you. -Renee and Kerry B.

Joyce, thank you for all that you have done for my family and I. When I first met you in 2006, I was sinking in desperation after trying for so many years to straighten-out my legal status. I had tried writing to Congress, spoke to legal representatives and tried everything I could think of for over 50 years, to no avail. It seemed as though even God had forgotten me, I truly felt lost. Shortly after we started talking, you gave me the confidence to fight on for justice, forged out a plan and through your legal expertise and prayers I received my first blessing, receiving my Permanent Resident Card. It has been close to 3 years since then, and now I am overjoyed because in a few days on the 25th of this month something that has been long overdue is finally happening, the ceremony to make it official, my recognition as a United States citizen. May our good Lord richly Bless you! Sincerely, M.S

I write to thank the law firm Komanapalli Massey LLP for their supportive representation of me as I dealt with my legal situation. From the moment I walked into their offices, I felt welcome, and that they really listened to and understood me. During the seemingly endless process of my case, my attorneys, Mark A. Massey and Joyce A. Komanapalli, kept me apprised of everything that happened as soon as anything happened. They always took time to meet with me whenever I wanted, they always took my calls or called me back right away, and they always made me feel better, more confident and comfortable about my situation and my case.

I am so happy that Komanapalli Massey LLP took my case, believed in me and walked me step by step through my case as it progressed. I always knew what to expect because of Mark's and Joyce's legal knowledge, skills and experience. Their legal knowledge, skills and experience were key to the successful outcome of my case. I believe that without their representation, my case might not have ended so successfully as it did. Additionally, Mr. Massey and Ms. Komanapalli really understood that my wife and I were struggling financially as a result of my legal situation, yet they represented me vigorously and professionally to the highest degree, despite that my wife and I were unable to pay for their services as my case progressed. They had faith in us, that our situation would soon improve and that we would compensate them as soon as we were able. They did not hound us to pay the mounting legal bill which we owed to them. Instead, they stuck by us all the way as if we owed them nothing at all. Even though they have recently brought my case to a successful conclusion, my wife and I maintain contact with them because they are just good people. They still do not hound us for payment of our large legal obligation to them; they have faith in us and know that we will pay them all that we owe as soon as we can. - Carlos A.

Mark and Joyce gave me and my family the unparalleled strength and courage we needed to confidently face my legal problems. I cannot express enough my and my family's gratitude for their excellent, compassionate representation during this very trying period in our lives. I highly recommend Komanapalli Massey LLP for any sort of legal problems you might have. - Carlos A.

Komanapalli Massey LLP strived to give us the best service possible. With their great range of knowledge they have dilligently led us through our case. They not only worked to make their services fit our tight budget, they went out of their way to minimize the costs associated with the case. They have kept us informed every step of the way and we are confident in their capabilties. We are glad that we chose Komanapalli Massey LLP to help us through our situation. - Katherine and Jason T.

I was introduced to Mark and Joyce about a year ago and they have handled my civil lawsuit over the past year. I am very impressed with their work ethics. They are amazing at what they do. They follow through with everything. They are always available and respond to my concerns and questions as quickly as possible. I am very pleased with their work. I feel like most other lawyers don't spend as much time with their clients' concerns but Mark and Joyce are always available and that is very impressive. They are also very honest and sincere individuals something that is also rare to find. I am very happy with their work and I would definitely recommend them to anyone out there who is looking for a lawyer. I am certainly going to keep in touch with them and hopefully have them as my lawyers in my future practice as a physician. - Dr. A.

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